Is this a normal friendship?

this a normal friendship? Is
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DESCRIPTION: But how can you be sure that what you are feeling is not actually romantic love? Sometimes it might be hard to tell the difference between platonic friendship and a different kind of love.

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Can’t Commit in Friendship, Is It Normal?

Thanks for A2A Vikrant.. Yes, it is normal to be jealous in friendship. I am jealous if my best friends get too comfortable or are happier with someone else,and vice versa.. It has a very simple reason. We love our friends, and we want them with. 18 Sep I used to be an extremely self confident person, so confident that some even think I'm arrogant. And also, I'm somewhat charismatic person too, someone you'd like in the very first meeting. And, lately I've been very concerned. I have very little friends. And by 'friends', i mean the ones who aren't superficial. 5 May I've been alive for 27 years and thankfully have had my fair share of friends, all of whom have shaped me into the fun-loving, music-chasing, occasionally looney toon of a woman that I am today. I have always valued my friends and have prided myself on picking good ones – as my mother always preached.

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I have very little cohorts. I know my companions genuinely like me, but i keep on tournament away from them. It happens with reasons, however. I have some reliance issues which stem from my terrible, yet enjoyable childhood. My childhood was bad, to the fleck where i learned not to trust someone and be self sufficient.

And this feeling is the reason why i communistic a cliquey and pull up stakes to another one. It has happened multiple times, especially when i do the charisma fit to impress someone i undergo for the first schedule. I befriended someone at worst to dump them succeeding. Actually i never appreciate socialising as i pose to be on my own. I socialise to smooth things for me for college and stuffs. In fact, i non-standard real want to be in a friendship that lasts.

Recently, it becomes more bizarre as the loneliness literally hurt my breast.

Relationship Feels Like Friendship: Is It Normal?

Men: do you shave your pubes? Hello.I have a friend who i feel is too clingy.I just want to know if you would consider this a normal friendship or if its too much?or if this is jus. 5 May I've been alive for 27 years and thankfully have had my fair share of friends, all of whom have shaped me into the fun-loving, music-chasing, occasionally looney toon of a woman that I am today. I have always valued my friends and have prided myself on picking good ones – as my mother always preached..


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You and your guy are really good and you two are each other's close friend, but your relationship just would not level up because your relationship feels more like friendship and your man seems comfortable with this.

Will you stay with your relationship or just let it go? Before you decide on anything, finish this article first. So, friendship is part of any relationship, but if relationship feels more like friendship, there may be something wrong. According to old couples, the secret to their lasting marriage is that they married their best friend so that when they feel that love has left their relationship, they still have their best friend with them.

But passion is important especially during the early stages of the relationship, because from time to time couples need to feel the desire of having their intimate moments and having the desire to possess one another. When there is lack of intimacy and this possessive feeling, breaking up is almost on their reach.

With a more friendship like relationship, this lack will surely happen and the relationship is at high risk of falling apart. Maybe you are just waiting for your boyfriend to do something to revive the sparks of your relationship, but he feels the same way or he is contented to what you have right now.

Your guy might want you as his girlfriend, but you are more comfortable to being just friends.

I'm going to spare you a long, drawn-out prologue and get right to it. The most common reason -- by far -- for lost, dwindled and dead-on-the-vine friendships is the inflated and faulty yes, faulty expectations of one friend for another.

It is a simple truth, when you put too high of expectations on a friend, or all of your friendships, sooner or later, you will get burned. Now, let's blow out that match and build some better friendship strategies. OK, having just made a grand declaration that lofty expectations are to blame for most failed friendships, let me backtrack a bit. See sometimes, although the expectation may be justified and completely rational, it just happens to come before both parties are ready for it.

I've dubbed this premature expectations tee hee. My definition of friendship includes support, respect, fun and the equal giving and taking of that last pour from the wine bottle -- at least this is how my best friendships work. And I'm going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb and say that these are the main goals for most female friendships, or close enough. The thing about friendships is, though, that while the fun and respect are usually instant because everyone is due respect, and well, you wouldn't choose to be friends with someone whom you don't have fun , support, generosity, trust and real caring develop over time.

Again, expectation problems are not so much about what is proper to expect with a friend, but more so about what is proper to expect with a new vs. So often when we meet someone with whom we really connect, we get all excited and giddy, and perhaps over-zealous in our desire to bond with said person. We meet a new gal in the running group, completely hit it off to the point where we can't wait to get home to send her evites to every event on our calendar for the following two months.

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