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After they married, he becomes her coach and manager for her short boxing career, but he later dies in an accident in a boxing match. Public sex isn't exactly dignified at the best of times, is it? Hanson, however, is struck by a car driven by Shorty not watching where he is going. Buddy also calls her "A-cup" after he punches her, and Shorty Meeks comments that her breasts are orangutan-like while the group gazes over Caroline's portrait. Naked Gun The Sex Scene: Scary Movie 2 is a parody film.

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Cindy Campbell

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Cindy seems to turn a deaf ear to some of Brenda's comments for the sake of their friendship, but it's very obvious they really enjoy being around each other.

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Greg is a classmate of Cindy Campbell and the boyfriend to her friend Buffy Gilmore. She matures from a clueless teenager to a much tougher and motherly woman, although she still displays levels of unintelligent or tactlessness at times. Realizing the place is haunted, the gang teems up with Dwight to fight the ghosts, but when they split up, it makes it easy for the spirits to pick them off more efficiently. When Cindy arrives at the Hell House, she meets a vulgar-voiced Amazon parrot Matt Friedmanand the caretaker, Hanson Chris Elliotwho has a malformed hand and repulses everyone with it, ruining their first dinner in the house.

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