Go to sleep bitch die mother fucker die

go to sleep bitch die mother fucker die

Why are you still alive, why?! And go to sleep bitch! Die motherfucker die Bye bye, motherfucker, bye bye Go to sleep bitch What? Ahhhhha We're killin' all you motherfuckers dead, all of you Fake ass gangstas No more press, no more press Rot motherfuckers rot! Trice's birth and as I mold I become more cursed So we can put down the verse take it to the turf Cock and squeeze and he who reach the hearse is he who dipects fiction in his verse And as I breath and you be deceased The world believe you deceive just to speak You's not the streets, you's the desk You's not your chest nigga, use a vest Before two shoes you rest You chose death Six feet deep nigga that's the depth.

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"Go To Sleep" lyrics

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Bye bye, motherfucker, bye bye!

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Eminem, DMX & Obie Trice:Go To Sleep Lyrics

Envie pra gente. Retrieved from " https: Normal Velocidade 0. Why, die motherfucker, ah, ah, ah Go to sleep bitch Obie Trice We got you niggaz, nervous on purpose To hurt your focus, you's not MC's, you's worthless You's not them G's, you's a circus, you's no appeal, please You's curtains you use words cool heard slurred in two thousand third You's purpin', you's no threat, who's ya servin' We lyrically oughta bury you beneath the dirt when You fuck with a label overseein' the Earth Shady muthafucka, O.

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