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Did Monica and Chandler From 'Friends' Move Into the 'Home Alone' House? | Mental Floss

5 Nov When my friend shared this story with me and several others via email, all agreed that there is nothing improper about a married person being home with a of a man he didn't know well socializing with his wife: “My reaction would be to act like I'm cool with it then insult him constantly when he's not around. If a friend asks your child to hold too often while he chats on incoming calls, your child may say he's sorry that he can't hold and ask the friend to call him back. MARCH 1 1 Home alone: answering the phone During their elementary-school years, many children enjoy the independent feeling of staying home alone for an hour. 9 years ago my husband and were dating and he took me to his friends party many times. At that time I was a foreign student whose English wasn't good. And most of the time he left me alone in those parties. After the party, at home I told him that I don't like to be left alone because I feel uncomfortable. He took it in the wrong.

I'm almost in the same boat. Except my fiance would rather smoke pot. He promises that he'll quit when the LO comes but I'm kind of sketchy. He likes to go fishing with his buddies and I know all they do is He promised he wouldnt smoke in front of me after finding out I was pregnant, which is great, but then last night, a few people were over, he was sitting next to me He was two feet away and he tried that "oh well I didnt blow it in your face, did I?

I told him regardless, he broke a promise. WTF is wrong with people?! Does anyone have any ideas on what to do??? Just thinking about doing that scares me!

I dont like being alone and it would drive me nuts not being able to be with him!

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Bill, by his own account, responded that there was no way a repairman was getting into his house when the only other person home was his wife. What if your life partner and an acquaintance, sports fans both, watched the Big Game by themselves? What if an attractive area parent brought his or her kid over for a play date while you were at work? What if you were out of town for the weekend and your spouse and a single friend went to see the buzzy movie du jour? Not in any specific way.

None of my sources hold especially conservative beliefs about sexual relationships or roles. None said that the hypothetical situations would make them seriously suspicious that their partners were being unfaithful.

Some people that I put the question to, meanwhile, said none of the hypothetical situations described would bother them. Why was the idea of Nonspousal Alone Time so selectively unsettling? For those who admitted concern, jealousy was a factor, albeit a nebulous one.

If you need another reminder that everything can escape the all-seeing eye of the internet, that latest Friends note should do the trick. The folks at 22 Foresight just released a video documenting a previously unthinkable interplay between the long-running sitcom and 's Home Alone. It turns out that Monica and Chandler may have bought the house owned by the McCallisters in the film.

How is that possible? With the help of some Hollywood trickery. The McCallister family lives in Chicago, while Monica and Chandler are seen purchasing a house in the suburbs of New York in the final age of the can. So they of course don't live in the same on-screen house.

However, the view of the neighborhood from arranged Monica and Chandler's house reveals the same exact ditty seen from by nature the McCallister home in Home Peerless , right destitute to the down in the mouth garage of the Murphys' house crosswise the street. TV shows and movies recycling certain bits of footage and sets is something new, but it's usually fairly doubtlessly hidden or too obscure to be noticed.


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Girl approach guy in club? Role-Play 4: You're at your friend's house when she gets a phone call from some good-looking guy who's at a home alone. He's got a couple of friends over and invites you and your friend too. Your friend wants to go, but you told your parents you'd be at your friend's house all evening. “Let's go for a little while,” she says. 29 Dec FRIENDS and Home Alone have been crazily connected for 12 years and NO ONE has noticed - until now..

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29 Dec Friends and Home Alone don't have much in common. One is a late nineties/ early noughties sitcom about a group of friends in New York, the other follows a youngster left by himself to wreak havoc on a pair of would-be burglars. But it turns out they share one very crucial similarity Remember in the final. 29 Dec FRIENDS and Home Alone have been crazily connected for 12 years and NO ONE has noticed - until now. If a friend asks your child to hold too often while he chats on incoming calls, your child may say he's sorry that he can't hold and ask the friend to call him back. MARCH 1 1 Home alone: answering the phone During their elementary-school years, many children enjoy the independent feeling of staying home alone for an hour.

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